Pro Powerboat Helm (Module 1)



We offer two levels of Professional Powerboat Skipper / Instructor Fast Track Courses. The Foundation Programme (described here) and the Advanced Programme which will allow you to skipper further afield, at night and instruct others. You can book them together (back to back) or separately.


This Fast Track course is the ultimate power boat training programme for those power and Sports Boat drivers looking to gain qualifications.  After three weeks of intensive training you will have covered the following useful and usable qualifications:

* The PWC (jetski) day is run and certified by our partner, Poseidon Marine, who is a local RYA PWC Training Centre.


The Professional powerboat Skipper module is a full time three-week programme. There are 18 days of contact time and 2 short online courses.

It is also possible to break the fast track professional powerboat Skipper Foundationprogramme into smaller chunks and spread the days over a longer time period if you prefer.


  • Minimum age 16
  • Confident swimmer
  • ML5 medical from your GP (if you want to commercially endorse your Powerboat level 2)




This is a comprehensive package incorporating a range of different qualifications. As such a complex course, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions that you may find useful:

How can I become so highly qualified so quickly?

Due to the intensive nature of this course, you are covering a huge amount of information in a short time. Unlike others who spend years gaining these qualifications, you are learning the best techniques from the start and are able to fast track your way to the top. But be warned: the days will be long and demanding.

Why are there so many shorebased elements attached to the course?

The shorebased sections have been selected to make you a safe commercial or leisure driver: some of them are required for your commercial endorsement and some provide the background required to make the right decisions on the water. Much of the shorebased work, while not afloat, is still practical and is all very relevant.

Which boats will I use?

All the training will take place in open powerboats (i.e. they have no sleeping or cooking facilities). We mainly use RIBs as they are the first choice for both the leisure and commercial user.  You will also use our tiller steered craft and spend a day on a jet ski. Throughout your course you will learn to handle different boats and begin to appreciate their different characteristics.

What are the RYA, HSE and STCW?

The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) is the governing body for powerboating (and sailing) in the UK. Their training scheme is designed both for the leisure driver and those entering the commercial world. They are globally recognised as the leading provider of watersports, powerboat and yachting qualifications. STCW is the global training standard of safety training and recognised in every developed country in the world (and most developing countries). HSE is the UK Health and Safety Executive.

When we are not in the boats, where we do we spend the rest of the time?

Some of the shore-based time will be spent in one of our classrooms but there is also a life-raft session in the pool, a live flare firing session outdoors and four days in our training workshop.

What do I need to provide myself?

We provide all your training aids and necessary books, although most students go on to purchase a couple of further books. We provide life jackets and everything required on the water. All you need is suitable warm clothing, waterproofs and suitable footwear. Alternatively, you can hire our waterproofs. We do not provide food or accommodation so if you do not live locally, please allow for this in your budgeting.

Is the Day Skipper Shorebased geared up more for sailors?

Yes, the Day Skipper was originally many years ago written for sailors, but these days it’s as relevant for power as for sail. There is, a huge cross over between the two sports and the Day Skipper Shorebased qualification will give you the ground knowledge to take into sailing as well, should you wish. The Sea Survival, First Aid and SRC elements are also equally valuable if you have an interest in sailing.

Having completed the course, can I commercially endorse my qualifications?

If, having completed your course successfully, you wish to work commercially as a powerboat driver, you can commercially endorse your RYA Powerboat Level 2 qualification. This will be suitable for inshore work (such as a river taxi service by day). If you want to drive powerboats further afield, in more challenging conditions and by day OR night, then you will need to progress onto the more advanced Pro Powerboat Skipper & Instructor Module. In order to commercially endorse either the Powerboat Level 2 or the RYA/MCA Advanced Certificate of Competence you will already have covered most of the pre-requisites (First Aid, SRC, Sea Survival, PPR) during your three week Foundation Module but will also need a ML5 medical examination from your GP .

There is also a sea time requirement for all exam candidates: 2 years experience of powerboating, including 20 days afloat, 400 logged miles, 2 days as skipper and 12 night hours. Those who have the sea time before joining us can go straight onto the exam; those who do not have this will have picked up some of it while with us and can return at a later date when they have logged the necessary time, miles etc.

This course is the foundation level pre-requisite for our Professional Powerboat Skipper & Instructor. While you can join the foundation module as a stand alone course, most students will be progressing onto the next module as well.


The Fast Track Powerboat course with Chieftain Training is comprehensive and much is included within the package price.  This course includes:

  • All of the extensive training listed above
  • Certifictaion (unless detailed below)
  • Use of RIBs and Jet Skis
  • Loan of a life jacket
  • Fuel
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Handbook
  • 2 RYA Training Charts
  • RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Handbook
  • RYA Day Skipper Exercises publication
  • RYA VHF Handbook
  • First Aid Manual
  • Sea Survival Manual
  • RYA Diesel Handbook
  • RYA Interactive logon for PPR and CEVNI
  • Free parking on site



Some of the governing bodies mentioned above require membership and licence fees to be paid directly to them and as such, there will be some additional costs:


You may wish to tailor your course by adding some of the following qualifications to your package:


If the dates listed do not suit or you would prefer to break the course into smaller chunks, please contact our course adviser via the contact form as we may be able to arrange something more convenient.


If you are considering a career as a professional Powerboat driver, then this diverse programme will provide you with certification and training in a short period of time. This course will equip you with the skills to drive powerboats safely and confidently: you can use those skills in many ways afterwards. After successfully completing this course, you will have the opportunity to use your newfound skills as the stepping stone to a new career. With the addition RYA/MCA Powerboat Advanced COC and/or RYA Powerboat Instructor training, students choose to go on to work for charter and RIB companies, onboard workboats or as a RYA Powerboat Instructor.  The list of career opportunities open to you is open ended; RYA qualifications are respected all over the world and mandatory within many organisations in the UK.


Chieftain Training is a family run organisation with a strong commitment to delivering the best quality training courses. We want you to learn and get the skills you sign up for, but we also want you to have fun.

Our management team have been in this industry for 3 decades and know what works best.

We think it important for our students to learn with high quality, modern kit, so this is what we provide as standard. Powerboat training is primarily taught on board our XS Powerboats (6 & 7m) bought specifically for training purposes. Our engineering courses are run in a well equipped custom made training workshop.

We also have two RYA Powerboat Advanced Trainers amongst our staff (this is the highest powerboat appointment within the RYA schemes). As a result, our Instructors are kept on their toes, delivering a consistently high standard and course content will always be fresh and up to date. We count ourselves lucky to have such a luxury; very few Training Centres have even one RYA Trainer, far less have two and we hope you can benefit from this as much we do.

Moreover, this Fast-Track course is unique; no one else in the world offers this exact package, we keep the Instructor to student ratios low. Trainees learn their craft in the Solent, an excellent teaching area, they experience a range of different craft and benefit from the knowledge and experience of our highly skilled Instructors.

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