Training Organisations are often asked if they can help charities and good causes. While we recognise there are many good causes out there we are only a small organisation with limited resources and we simply can not help everyone, so we will sometimes have to decline. We will usually give priority to organisations or causes that fulfill one or more of the following criteria;

  • Life boat charities whose mission is to reduce/prevent the loss of life at sea
  • UK based charities supporting children, facing extreme neglect, abuse, poverty or violence
  • UK based charities supporting children who require medical help that is not usually available under the NHS
  • UK based charities who aims are to prevent or alleviate the effects of life-threatening illness
  • Individuals suffering from a terminal condition and whose chances of longer term survival will be considerably increased if they receive assistance
  • Charities that offer support and/or respite to the families; of those suffering from terminal illness or to those who have recently lost a family member

We are more likely to try to help individuals and organisations based in the geographic area we operate in (Southampton/Solent). We are unlikely to support projects where part of the sponsorship money will be used by the fund-raiser to pay for their own activity (for example a sponsored parachute jump where the first £200 pays for the jump and the charity only receives funds over and above that). We have selected three charity partners for the 2018 and 2019 period. As one of our organisation’s key objectives is specifically to support lifeboat charities it is not surprising that two of our chosen charity partners are local lifeboat charities.


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Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity helps to enhance the care and treatment of children at University Hospital Southampton. They raise money and provide financial support to areas of the hospital service that lie beyond the scope of NHS funding. Chieftain Training are specifically supporting the  Children’s Emergency and Trauma Department Appeal.

Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service (GAFIRS) is an independent lifeboat and inshore rescue service that was founded in 1969. As a declared facility to the UK Coastguard, they provide emergency lifeboat cover to the Eastern Solent and Portsmouth Harbour. The crews live normal lives just like you. However, when the Coastguard activate them on pager call out, they drop everything at a moment’s notice and respond to people in distress; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and in all weathers.

On average GAFIRS responds to 100 incidents per year. These vary from towing stricken vessels away from danger, all the way to providing life saving first aid to critically injured casualties. Time and time again their crews have been awarded national commendations for their life saving services to the community. All crew and shore side support are volunteers and the whole operation is funded 100% by donations from the public. If you or your family go boating in the Eastern Solent you should view a donation to GAFIRS as part of your insurance policy!