Applying For Work

As we are supported by such a strong team, we are rarely looking for new staff. However, positions do become available from time to time and they will be advertised on this website

If you want to apply for work with Chieftain Training, you should, in the first instance, email for both freelance/temporary position and for full time vacancies and Apprenticeships that we have specifically advertised. If you are applying for freelance work then we need a CV with a passport photo. If you are applying for a full time or Apprenticeship position, then send us the completed application form (linked to the job advert).

Over the course of a year, we receive a large number of emails and letters from people seeking work. Many of these do not tell us the basic information we need, so here are a few tips for applying for work with us:

  • Read our website thoroughly before you apply: it will tell you a lot about us.
  • An email application is great; generic group emails sent to the whole industry are treated as junk.
  • Applications sent by parents on behalf of their family are among the worst we receive. Please do not apply on behalf of your kids – it is cringe worthy, embarrassing and guarantees your offspring will never work with us. (For those people who can’t imagine applications like this, it does happen).
  • Use our recruitment email address, not our enquiries email address: it shows you have read the information on this site and it also means your application will be read by the right person.
  • Unless you are applying for a full time position that has been advertised (with an application form), attach a CV.
  • Only list the highest qualification in each discipline and tell us the dates you passed your courses.
  • Give us an idea of how much you have used your Instructor qualifications (or admin/sales/maintenance skills if applying for such positions).
  • For Instructor positions, include a summary of your sailing/power boating, skippering, classroom, racing and coaching experience, using bullet points. Be specific (i.e. “ten years racing experience” tells us very little where as “eight years occasional GP14 dinghy club racing as helm” or “two years of weekly inshore Solent yacht racing as sail trimmer” tells us what we need to know.
  • For Instructor positions, keep the non-marine related work experience very brief. For other positions, keep the summary of work relevant.
  • Do not give us a personal profile (we have yet to meet an applicant who describes him/herself as “lazy, demotivated and dishonest”).
  • Provide a photo (we don’t choose staff based on their appearance but it is a lot easier to remember who is who when we can put a face to a name).
  • Remember, if you leave us to guess the facts we will move onto the next application, so make sure you give us the information we need.
  • If you are sending us a CV, then keep it to two pages maximum please. For most freelance Instructors, one page should suffice. Any more and you have given us unnecessary detail, which is likely to send us off to sleep!
  • If you choose to put referees on your CV, we will assume we may contact them. Ensure they are relevant and not from family or friends.
  • Tell us if you are planning on taking further courses in the near future.

We need staff who have a good attention to detail. Follow the above steps and you will have already beaten the large percentage of applicants.

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