Freelance Instructors

Our permanent staff are complimented by a small number of freelance instructors. Some are full time professionals, and some teach in their spare time as a second job. The freelance instructors we use work with us regularly so they know our systems and they have our trust.

While we are not actively looking for new instructors, it is inevitable that we will require new staff from time to time, particularly during the busy months. If you are interested in working with us then you will need as an absolute minimum:

  • A friendly and patient approach to instructing
  • Extensive experience in the activity/field you instruct
  • The appropriate qualification(s)
  • Experience of instructing RYA, STCW or HSE courses already
  • A reference from at least one other organisation you have taught for (ideally from an RYA Principal)
  • A current First Aid Certificate
  • Agreement to undergo a DBS check if we require one
  • UK/Euro nationality or appropriate work visa

We do not generally recruit newly qualified instructors (unless we have cherry picked them from our own Instructor Training Courses). We prefer instructors who have some good coaching experience and are now ready to develop further. We look for instructors who have a genuine background in, and a passion for what they teach, gained over many years of experience..

Freelance Instructors, looking for work should fill in the application form at 

If you have any questions about a position we have advertised you can contact us on

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