Chieftain Second Chance

We recognise that it is important you that you pass your course. While we cannot guarantee you will pass, we promise to do everything we can to ensure you do. In fact for many of our courses, if you fail we will allow you to re take the course (or necessary parts of the course) a second time free of charge.


If you join a course that is covered by the “Chieftain Second Chance Promise” and you do not pass first time we will allow you to re take the required sections of the course (or the full course if appropriate) a second time free of charge (within 12 months of completing your original course and subject to conditions).



These conditions apply to any course we advertise with our “Chieftain Second Chance” (not all courses benefit from the “Chieftain Second Chance”, see below).

  1. You must arrive at your course with the necessary pre requsites and assumed knowledge wich are detailed on this website.
  2. You must have paid all fees before the course starts, complete any home-work set during the course and attend and complete the full course. Late arrivals and no-shows do not benefit from the “Promise.”
  3. All our courses are taught in English, we can not extend the “Promise” to a student whose understanding of the English language holds them back.
  4. You must follow all reasonable instructions given by our Instructor  and you must be physically capable of completing all sections of a course.
  5. If you suffer from illness or seasickness during your course then the “Promise” does not apply.
  6. While we will provide the re training for free, we will not cover any third-party costs (such as; accommodation, travel or external exam fees).
  7. The “Promise” does not apply to direct assessments, online/distance learning, own boat tuition or bespoke courses.
  8. Students who make/take phone calls, emails, text messages or use social media during the contact time of their course do not benefit from the Chieftain Second Chance.

If the above conditions are met and you do not pass your course, we will allow you to re take the course (or the necessary parts of it) a second time free of charge. Re booking is subject to availability. If you do not pass the course on the second attempt, then further training will be provided at standard rates. While we will waive our course fees you will still be liable for any external exam fees that apply.


The “Chieftain Second Chance Promise” applies to all of the following courses:

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