Where is Chieftain Training Scotland

Courses are run from four entirely separate venues, three centres are in the Southampton area and are 5 to 25 minutes apart by car, the fourth training centre is in Dumbarton, Scotland, please check which centre you are at.

Click here for directions to Chieftain Training Southampton Centres.  


Read on for directions to…..

Chieftain Training (Scotland)

Courses are run from
Denny Ship Experiment Tank
Scottish Maritime Museum
Castle Street
G82 1QS*
*(the above is a training address, click here for our correspondence address)


Parking is free in the Scottish Maritime Museum Car Park

PUBLIC TRANSPORT (To Chieftain Training,  Scotland)

The simplest option is to get yourself to Dumbarton Rail Station, however various other options are given below. Times are average and do not allow for “rush hour.”

To the Dumbarton Centre Walking  Bus or Train By Taxi or Driving
Dumbarton (Central) Rail Station 8 minutes Bus & short walk 8 minutes 2 minutes
Dumbarton (East) Rail Station 10 minutes Bus & short walk 7 minutes 2 minutes
Buchanan Bus /Coach Station, Glasgow Bit far! Train 1 hr 30 minutes
Glagow Airport Are you mad? Train 1 hr 30 minutes 16 minutes
Prestwick Airport You are mad? Train  2 hrs 20 minutes 53 minutes
Edinburgh Airport Madness! Train  2 hrs+ 1 hr
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