Shorebased Instructor Joining Instructions


The Joining Instructions below cover all Shorebased Instructor courses.


Shorebased Instructor Courses are run from two separate venues. Your booking confirmation will confirm which centre you have booked a course at;

Chieftain Survival Centre, Willments Shipyard, Hazel Rd, Woolston, SO19 7HS

Rhu Marina, Helensburgh, Argyl, Scotland


Some of our courses have pre requisites, these are not optional, they are requirements. If you are unsure what they are please check back against the relevant product page/course description (links are provide in the course details below).


There are three possible outcomes/results to an Instructor Course. They are;

  • PASS (You pass the course and the trainer recommends to the RYA that you become an Instructor)
  • ACTION PLAN (You pass some sections of your course and the Trainer sets an action plan for you to complete within a certain time period (often 1, 2 or 3 months) before you then qualify. An action plan may include re assessment of certain skills
  • FAIL (You will need to improve certain skill areas and then re take the course when you are ready)

At the end of your course your trainer will give you a full debrief and inform you of his/her decision.

Successful CT First Aid Instructor candidates who have provided us with the requested documnattaiosn receive their certificate on the day of completing their course.


Tea and coffee is included. Meals are not included

Please bring a packed lunch for each day.


CT First Aid Instructor Course  IMO 6.09 Train the Trainer Course  RYA Teaching in the Classroom RYA First Aid Instructor Course RYA Navigation Instructor Course RYA Radar Instructor Course RYA Diesel Instructor Course RYA Diesel Instructor Course
Packed Lunch
Laptop / Powerpoint (desirable)
Passport or National ID
Note pad & pen
A CV of your teaching experience
Copies of your teaching qualification(s)
Copies of of your First Aid Certificates
Any publications we have posted you in advance
Your completed printed pre course quiz
Anything required to deliver your pre prepared lesson
Any teaching resources you think will be useful
Pencils, eraser and sharpener
RYA Membership Number


Now please click on the relevant course title below for course specific information

CT First Aid Instructor 1 day 0915-1615
IMO 6.01 Train the Trainer 5 day 0915-1615

CT First Aid Instructor


On the Day

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing (no skirt or dress), as you will be practicing the recovery position. The day includes practical and theory sessions. The Trainer will check you have understood the important principles. Certification is issued on the day to all successful candidates. You will receive a copy of both of our First Aid Manuals.
1/. Ensure you are familiar with all of the subjects contained within the FAW Course and that you can demonstrate effective CPR (including breaths).
2/. We are going to ask you to teach two lessons to a small group (2 to 5 students), both sessions are to be pitched at students on their first FAW course.

We are happy for you to choose which two sessions you would like to deliver. Please choose two, from the following list. Wherever possible you should make the teaching practical and keep the students involved

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Shock
  • Unconsciousness
  • Asthma
  • Heart attack and angina
  • Choking
  • Hygiene for First Aiders and casualties
  • Burns
  • HSE First Aid regulations
  • Bleeding
  • Catastrophic bleeding
  • Head injuries

You can make use of a standard classroom, which will be equipped with PC, PowerPoint, screen and white board.

Where possible make your lesson interactive and interesting. At least one of your sessions must have considerable practical content for the students. Remember most students do not learn well from simply being lectured at. Aim to run sessions of about 15 minutes.

We look forward to meeting you on the day of your course

IMO Train the Trainer 6.01 (five day)


Pre Course Reading

  • The handbook we post to you in advance


Over the course of five days you will deliver some lessons on your chosen subject, produce lesson plans, create a scheme of work and learn many instructing tricks. Expect a couple of hours home work each night (Monday to Thursday).

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