Reasonable Adjustments Policy

Chieftain Training will take a flexible approach to training courses which may inhibit the performance of candidates with special needs, provided that the standard, quality and integrity of schemes and assessments are not compromised.

In practice the application of this falls under three distinct categories of award:

  • RYA, CT and CIEH course completion certificates
  • RYA Instructor Awards
  • STCW and/or MCA Certificates

CT, RYA & CIEH Course Completion Certificates Reasonable Adjustments

Course completion certificates are issued when a candidate demonstrates by the end of a training course that they have sufficient understanding and practical ability of the various elements detailed in the relevant syllabus. These awards often include a formal assessment.

We will make reasonable adjustments to course completion assessment methodology for candidates with disabilities or special needs in order to avoid such candidates having a significant disadvantage over persons not having such disabilities. Such adjustments will be set/agreed by the Principal or Chief Instructor and may include;

  • Allowing additional time to complete written tests/tasks
  • Offering the use of a scribe for written tests
  • Accepting verbal responses to written questions (these must be recorded)
  • Allowing the use of transcribed materials to prepare/support a learner for assessment
  • Use of visual aids (e.g. videos) to support formal questions (e.g. to identify different medical conditions)
  • Allowing the use of a translator (including sign language) to prepare/support a learner through assessment
  • Changing the layout or venue of the assessment area to allow access

Any adjustments made will ensure that the assessment criteria are still met and that relevant standards are upheld. Where we are unable to agree reasonable adjustments, we will contact the relevant awarding organisation for further advice and guidance.

RYA Instructor Awards Reasonable Adjustments

Any candidate who is not able to complete any pre-entry requirements unaided, or who believes that there are elements of the instructor course or pre-entry requirements that they will not be able to complete, should consult RYA Training in order to discuss their needs and abilities.

Assuming the pre-entry requirements are met or a candidate’s needs can otherwise be accommodated, the candidate may attend an Instructor course. If, when assessed on the instructor course, a candidate does not have the ability to perform all parts of the syllabus unaided but the candidate is able to perform the majority of the syllabus unaided they would not be awarded an instructor qualification, but it may be possible to issue that candidate with an Authorisation to Instruct (ATI).

The extent of the ATI and the restrictions on this authority would be detailed in a letter issued to the candidate by RYA Training in consultation with the Chieftain Training, the trainer involved and the candidate.

Where there is a question or concern raised about an individual’s medical fitness to perform their role as an instructor, the RYA may refer the matter for professional medical advice before making a decision on the outcome.

STCW and MCA Certificates Reasonable Adjustments

In the case of STCW and MCA Certificates used on commercially-operated vessels, Chieftain Training has no discretion and is required to consult with the MCA prior to making any adjustments to the levels of competence expected or the assessment objectives or other eligibility requirements such as medical fitness. Where we or another party have previously made a similar request and we already know the answer, we shall not duplicate the request. While we may make a request to the MCA on your behalf, there is no specific time scale for them to respond.