E Learning Online Courses

The following online E-Learning courses are managed by our partners at Skippers Online, we will email you your login details and  full Joining Instructions with 24 hours of your booking (but usually much quicker);

These Joining Instructions (below) cover the following online E-Learing shorebased courses.

Please be aware that most of the above courses are available online or in the classroom (shorebased). If you have booked the classroom/shorebased version AND NOT the online version then you need to visit the Joining Instructions page.


Thank you for choosing Chieftain Training for your E Learning Course.

To access the course please visit URL: www.ryainteractive.org/login/index.php?company=chieftain  ,You will receive your username and password by separate email.


For the Essential Navigation & Seamanship RYA Professional Practices and Responsibilities, and RYA Safe and Fun Safeguarding Online courses, please make sure you have pop ups enabled and flashplayer installed. These courses are completed entirely online, and you will be given a digital download certificate at the end. There is a full help file available on the RYA Interactive site which fixes most common issues.

For the Essential Navigation & Seamanship Course we will also post out your training charts, and other resources, you can start the couse before these materials arrive however you will not be able to start the chart work sections until these materials arrive.

For the VHF Short Range Certificate (Online) you will be asked to download a programme to you computer/tablet. This is compatible with PCs, Apple Macs, and iPads. Note: Android tablets are not supported. You should receive a seperate supporting ebook from us as well, also by emial. When you have finished the online VHF SRC course, please contact us on info@chieftain.training to arrange your examination.

The CEVNI is a short interactive test, made up of 30 questions. Once successful, you will get immediate access to a digital download certificate. Your certificate can then be included in your ICC Application, which is sent directly to the RYA.


If you require any support as you pass through the course, please contact the team in the office on info@chieftain.training Please note, whilst we will provide full support on the course materials, we can not always solve IT problems relating to your computer and your browser or installed virus softwear. Whilst we will do our best, you will need to make sure your equipment is up to date and meets the compatibility requirements.

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