Phonetic Alphabet

Students on all levels of GMDSS course will need to learn the phonetic alphabet prior to their course.


Letter Word Pronounced as Letter Word Pronounced as
A Alpha AL Fah N November no VEM ber
B Bravo Brah voh O Oscar OSS cah
C Charlie CHAR lee or SHAR lee P Papa pah pah
D Delta DELL tah Q Quebec keh BECK
E Echo ECK oh R Romeo ROW me oh
F Foxtrot FOKS trot S Sierra see AIR rah
G Golf GOLF T Tango TANG go
H Hotel hoh TELL U Uniform You nee form or OO nee form
I India IN dee ah V Victor VIK tah
J Juliet JEW lee ETT W Whiskey WISS key
K Kilo key loh X X-ray ECKS ray
L Lima lee mahl Y Yankee YANG key
M Mike mike Z Zulu ZOO loo



0 zero
1 wun
2 too
3 tree
4 FOW er
5 fife
6 six
7 SEV en
8 ait
9 NIN er

Larger numbers should be broken down into single digits except from whole units of a thousand.

31 tree wun
247 too FOWer SEVen
2188 too wun ait ait
600 six zero zero
6000 six thousand
60000 six zero thousand