Racing Rules

The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) are updated and published by World Sailing (formerly known as ISAF) every four years, shortly after the Olympic Games have taken place.

The RRS are divided into several sections

  • Race Signals
  • Introduction, Definitions & Basic Principles
  • Part 1 – Fundamental Rules
  • Part 2 – When Boats Meet
  • Part 3 – Conduct of a Race
  • Part 4 – Other Requirements When Racing
  • Part 5 – Protest, Redress, Hearings, Misconduct & Appeals
  • Part 6 – Entry & Qualification
  • Part 7
  • Appendices

The preamble and Parts 1-7 apply to all sailors, the appendices apply to specific groups, situations or procedures.

You can view the 2021-2024 RRS at RRS 2021 2024

The RRS are supplemented by The Case Book which lists interpretations of the rules. The case Book is also up-dated every 4 years to keep it current with recent interpretations and with changes to the rules.

You can view the 2017-2020 case Book at Case Book 2017 2020



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