Southampton Classroom Hire
Training rooms available inc usage of a flat screen and whiteboards.


Commercial Endorsements
Several MCA / RYA certificates/Qualifications can be commercially endorsed, enabling the certificate holder to use their qualification commercially.

Postage & External/Exam Fees
Some courses have exams or packs that need to be sent to students. The fees for this are detailed in this table.

Invigilation for E-Learning & Webinars
Most courses don’t need invigilation, but we have information available so you can be sure if you need it for your course.

What is an Ocean Yachtmaster
Learn what a yachtmaster is, what the CoC is and how to become one.

International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (IRPCS) AKA The Merchant Shipping (Distress
Signals and Prevention of Collisions) Regulations 1996 – COLREG

Marine Radio Regulations
An overview of marine radio regulations covering licensing and equipment.

Which Survival & First Aid Training for Offshore Racing
Mandatory training list for offshore racing covering OSR categories 0 through 4.

Qualifications required to skipper a yacht commercially
Professional Yachtsmen are required to hold certain qualifications. This summarises the minimum manning requirements that apply on UK flagged yachts up to 200 tonnes, carrying up to 12 passengers and operating commercially.

Ask The Experts
Learn what the experts think bout certain topics from fog to apps to crossing the Channel.

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